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My passion is healthy food and passion comes from the heart. My inspiration came from my father's background as I grew up in farm life in Punjab, India. The products came directly from my own family and some recipes are from over 500 years ago. They are our own inventions, everything is handmade and where possible organic ingredients are used. All spices are sun-dried and hand ground. Every product has got a unique combination of spices. In those days, the spices we used to keep the immune system strong and to protect from illnesses. In my family, medication was hardly used, therefore I am following my ancestors footsteps. Some of the spices, children can start eating from the age of two onwards. As well as Achars (pickles) and chutneys we also produce fresh food based on family recipes. The products are exclusive to my family, we take pride in making our food with great passion. Our aim is for everyone to enjoy the excellent products we create. 

Health is wealth...




Borough Market

3 Crown Square

London SE1 9AH


Friday  10am - 6pm

Saturday 8am - 5pm


Cookery Classes

Coming soon...

The essence of these cookery classes will be to offer a unique experience of north Indian cuisine. These classes will include all the family favourites that you will have never tried before.The lessons will involve a step by step method to each dish. You can enquire about these lessons by email at

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